Hello, it's me

Nasim Uddin

I am a well-versed full-stack developer & designer with 3 years plus experience. I have led many projects from design to deployment which have impacted thousands of people. I love to blend my skills in the most creative way possible.

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What do I do?


I design beautiful and functional user interfaces that are easy to use and intuitive. Love the creative process of bringing something from idea to reality.


I develop applications that are fast, responsive and user-friendly. Love the process of bringing design to life by code and making it useful tool for user.


As an entreprenuer, I deliver a product by combining my designing and development skills. From ideation to deployment to end users, I love every parts in between.

What I use?

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C
  • Dart (familiar)
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  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud
  • Firebase SDK
  • Supabase
  • Typesense
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  • Figma
  • Powerpoint
  • Git
  • Github
  • Terminal
  • Vuetify
  • VS Code
  • Stripe SDK

What have I build?

  • mullokoto project banner


    MulloKoto.com is a platform for finding best deals online. It helps user to search, compare, select the best products online.

  • Nuditae project banner


    Nuditae is a community based content sharing platform where woman and queer community can safely express themselves.

  • 100 App Banner

    100 App

    100 App is a premium platform tennis players and coaches with fans. It allows fan to schedule call, order video from players.

  • Pathways to Education banner


    Pathways Platform is a web app for connecting students with mentors. It allows user to send message, do video call, and more.

  • Eirene memorial banner


    Eirene Memorials is a web app for publishing memorials. It allows user to create, edit, and share their memory of loved ones.

Where did I work?

  • MulloKoto


    Jan 2022 - Present

    MulloKoto is a platform to Search, Compare & Find the best deals online. It aggregates millions of products from top e-commerce and helps users to find the right deals through its intelligent algorithm. It helps users save precious time and hard-earned money.

  • Connekt Studio


    Aug 2021 - Present

    CONNEKT STUDIO is a venture studio based in Bangladesh. We’re a team of expert designers, developers, and product managers engaged in developing cool digital products. Since its inception, we have been working on multiple ventures like MulloKoto & Connekt Camp.

  • Bitstrapped Inc.

    Fullstack Team Lead

    Jul 2020 - Feb 2022

    Bitstrapped Inc. is a cloud & data engineering company. I worked here in complex web applications, which is used by large oil and gas giant like ExxonMobil. Lead the fullstack development of a Home Physical Therapy platform for client Bionik.

  • Graaho Technologies

    Software Engineer

    Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

    GRAAHO is a consulting and information technology solutions provider based in Dhaka. I worked on a Defense Welfare (Bangladesh Army) project. I was responsible for building the app Django framework. I also built responsive and beautiful UI of Bengal Meat Qurbani platform.

  • Freelance, Contract

    Designer + Developer

    Jan 2020 - Present

    Over the years I have worked with clients to design UI/UX and develop web applications as a Freelancer my fulltime job. I worked clients like, PathwaysToEducation, Eirene, Inkrement & Nuditae. I have built complex web applications which are now helping thousands of people.

What others say?

  • Nasim is one of the most talented engineers I have worked with. He understands problems quickly and comes up with elegant and efficient solutions.
    One of Nasim's greatest strengths is that he is constantly learning and always open to new challenges. This helps me as a manager put trust in him knowing Nasim will do a great job.

    Highly recommend to any team, Nasim is an asset you don't want to lose!
    faisal abid's portrait

    Faisal Abid

    Co-Founder, Eirene

  • Nasim is super ambitious, a quick learner, and promising engineer. He welcomes a challenge and never cuts corners. Nasim is consistent and is never afraid to ask for clarification to deeply understand a problem before devising a solution.

    Nasim will always be a high performer and a great addition to a team.
    wes wright's portrait

    Wes Wright

    Co-Founder, Bitstrapped

  • God provided me the opportunity to work with Nasim on a project together. Punctuality, self-awareness, quick learning, and commitment to work are admirable attributes of him. He has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and product development.

    I wish this young talent will quickly prosper in the IT industry by creating a colossal positive impact on social welfare.
    saiful azad's portrait

    Md. Saiful Azad

    Cloud Engineer, Bitstrapped

Want to talk with me?

Do you want to know more about me, want to collaborate with me, want me to help your project or you are just curious? If yes, then feel free to ping me. I love getting message from internet!